EUROBAUT has a engineering consultancy department which will carry out a feasibility study of your project using a variety of CAD tools in order to ascertain your process. This study can range from the feasibility financially to the full implementation of a robotic station.

Design of robotic applications
EUROBAUT has engineers who are specialists in software development for robots and their applications.

Our company specialises in the development of applications for the controlling of or repositioning of trajectories using:

  • Specific vision systems:  ISRA, EDIXIA, PERCEPTRON, VISION NERF etc.
  • Equipment used in the trade such as sensors, cameras or RETRA (SIC, IFM, KEYENCE, etc.)
  • Mechanical probe systems:  ARTCI and BORABOR
Implementation and reliability
We can offer you simple methods of analysis and opportunities for further improvement (gain in cycle time) at a fair price for existing production lines thanks to our involvement in so many diverse projects.

Our engineers are able to give you advice in other fields apart from robotics (mechanics or electronics for example).

Technical assistance and training

We can carry out training that is tailor-made to your workforce and in those techniques in which we are skilled. This takes place in partnership with an accredited training organisation with the aim that all your requirements are met. We are always available to provide any technical help after training has been completed.